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Digital Media Kit

Richard Orange playing live

If you are here to see, hear or get to know about my work, then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll get to know more about my work through sight, sound and stories from my time spent writing, touring, teaching and producing artists.

(June 2023) Cyndi Lauper is currently opening her shows with Richard Orange‘s song “Hole in My Heart – All the Way to China” on the new 2023 Tour with Rod Stewart.

(August 2023) Janet Wilson of WXYR and Pat Sansone (Wilco/Autumn Defense) host a session at the Memphis Listening Lab featuring the work of Richard Orange’s Zuider Zee album. Guest appearance by Robert Hall (drummer). This clip showcases the major label recording of Richard’s songs and arrangements as seen through the eyes of music industry pros. ( For the hour-long version: )


QUOTES AND ARTICLES (click magazine names to see full article):

from Pat Sansone (Wilco) and Janet Wilson (WYXR Memphis) at the Memphis Listening Lab:
I LOVE this album. You can just hear the inspiration in the tracks. You can hear a group of young musicians going for it.”

from “Move Over, Big Star – Here’s Zuider Zee” Portland Mercury
“Part of Zuider Zee’s allure is Orange’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Paul McCartney. If you throw on Zeenith without telling your friends what’s playing, one of ’em’s bound to comment, “Wait, which Wings album is this?” And it’s no Red Rose Speedway or Speed of Sound, either—Zeenith is more like Band on the Run, with mini-epics like the gloriously riffy “Haunter of the Darkness” and the lovely, acoustic-based “Ackbar Didedar.”

And I learned most of my songcraft from Richard Orange,” Taylor adds. “He was very much a second dad to me.” Richard Orange, of course, first came to Memphis as leader of the band Zuider Zee, whose recent release of archival material from Zeenith album, was dubbed one of 2018’s best reissues by Rolling Stone magazine.” – Paul Taylor

from “10 Best Reissues of 2018” by David Fricke Rolling Stone
Recorded in Memphis between 1972 and 1974 but left behind on the way to their 1975 self-titled overlooked debut for Columbia, these demos by this curiously named band originally from Louisiana combine power-pop charge and progressive-rock ambition, as if Yes had made the Beatles’ Abbey Road with David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust sidekick, Mick Ronson, on guitars. It’s the kind of rock-critic catnip that should have made Zuider Zee a cult sensation. It’s not too late.

I was very pleased to have found Richard Orange a few years back. His music is great, his songwriting is extraordinary and takes me into a world I would like to live one day.” – Garry Christian of The Christians (UK)

from -Jive Time Records
“Imagine the best of Badfinger’s Pete Ham, or perhaps 10cc’s Eric Stewart doing their best Paul McCartney impressions and you’ll get a feel for the musical landscape. The album entitled “Zuider Zee” had more than it’s share of pleasures, including the Rickenbacher-propelled rocker ‘Zeebra’, ‘You’re Not Thinking’ and the slightly ominous Haunter of Darkness”. Normally a Paul McCartney comparison serves as a creative kiss of death, but Orange is among the few guys who can actually pull it off . Orange has a great voice which is particularly appealing on songs like the rocker ‘Rubber Men’ when he employed his raspy edge (imagine McCartney’s vocal on ‘Helter Skelter’). Skeptical of that description? Close your eyes and check out Orange’s truly uncanny McCartney-like deliveries on the rockers ‘She-Swing’ and ‘The Breaks’.



A new Richard Orange song called “Last Time That We Talked” from an evening of trying out new songs.

ELECTRIC: click to play

ACOUSTIC: click to play


BEATLES MEDLEY FROM LIVE AT PAUL’S PLACE PARTY: (sound caught on an open camera mic.)


Richard Orange is a singer/songwriter/frontman whose accolades have been sung by Rolling Stone, Mojo, Hit Parade and dozens of magazines from around the world. He has penned hit songs for other artists, movies and commercials and freely shares his experiences and advice with new musicians seeking a career in the music industry. He has produced albums for other artists and performed every behind-the-scenes task associated with building a career in music.

Starting with his first band in high school – the Thomas Edisun Electric Light Bulb Band – Richard entered the world of songwriting, playing and recording studios at an early age. Performing both original and cover songs, Richard played through high school and into college where he co-created a new band, Zuider Zee, and moved to Memphis where they were signed by Columbia Records.

As an artist and songwriter, he created the songs for Zuider Zee’s albums and in his post band days began writing songs for other artists as well under his own publishing company, Orange Pop Shop. Songs for artists like Cyndi Lauper, Jane Weiland (GO-Go’s), Jefferson Starship and for other media such as Ron Howard’s movie Kodachrome, Jeff Goldblum/Cyndi Lauper movie Vibes, Netflix shows, Amazon Amp, commercials and even theme parks are all part of his catalog of music. From rocking tunes to acoustic ballads, Richard’s original music is a mix of Beatlesque pop and rock influences.

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Richard Orange