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Richard Orange, Zuider Zee,
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Richard Orange has a career that has spanned the music, art and movie industries as a member of Zuider Zee and as a solo artist and singer/songwriter. Richard has written songs for a wide variety of successful and lesser known artists, along with creating music for Ron Howard and Cyndi Lauper films. (Kodachrome and Vibes) Included in the commercial side of his work, are music scores created for advertising, television and theme parks.

Rolling Stone magazine recently rated his Zuider Zee “Zeenith” album as one of the 10 best reissued albums of 2018, along with Tom Petty, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Prince and the Beatles White Album. Pretty good company to be in!

Richard continues to write new songs as an independent artist and is actively working towards recording a new album of original songs, even while placing earlier songs with Netflix original programs and Amazon Amp promotional videos. There’s an almost endless flow of energy into creating new songs and artworks that you’ll find here and on his Facebook page: Richard Orange Rocks!

Take a listen and look into Richard Orange Art and Music.